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Project Description

Ready for a Future of Sustainability and Energy Reduction

Linda Woodley grew up in inner San Francisco near Giants Stadium where pollution was a constant issue. Her father was environmentally aware at a time when few others were discussing the problems just outside their door. There was a large industrial dumpsite in the neighborhood. “Many men in the area were dying of cancer. It piqued my interest in energy concerns,” Woodley explained.

linda woodleyWoodley has been working in the energy efficiency field for over fifteen years throughout the US and British Columbia. Her most previous position was based in Indianapolis where she developed and managed efficiency programs for CLEAResult (one of the largest energy efficiency firms in North America). With a background in supplier diversity Woodley helped develop legislation that “sought to support contracting opportunities for women and minorities with California utility companies” she explained. Approached by CLEAResult to help develop and implement a supplier diversity program, Woodley moved to Portland on their behalf in 2013. Via her company Prisma Point, Woodley works contractually helping companies like CLEAResult implement various energy reduction plans.


Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

Presented with an opportunity to work on a pilot program in California to evaluate the performance of energy-saving “smart thermostats,” Prisma Point partnered with CLEAResult in the spring of 2015. In June of 2015 Woodley was looking for financial options to provide the contracted work for CLEAResult in addition to covering the labor cost in California.

Familiar with how most banks operate Woodley knew that Prisma Point was too young to have the substantial track record needed to receive money, and she debated borrowing against her home to bring in the necessary funds to cover her own labor costs. As part of her own research for diversity financing options in the area, Woodley discovered Ascent Funding. Known for providing financial mentoring to women and minority business owners in the region, Ascent Funding was on Woodley’s list for the very supplier diversity resources that later became an asset for her own endeavors.

“I already had the necessary documents together for a business plan, but (financial officer) Jeff Bailey helped fine tune them, including cash flow projections. He was a very helpful resource,” Woodley explained. Within a couple weeks Prisma Point was approved for Ascent Funding’s community revolving loan fund.

Woodley is looking forward to receiving Ascent Funding’s financial advisory services via its business advisory program. “I hope to take advantage of the opportunity for guidance on growth. The mentoring programs, too, are an appealing aspect of what Ascent Funding offers,” Woodley said.

Prisma Point imagines they will be contacted by other firms looking for diversity programming within the energy efficiency industry. While Woodley has a crew of seven currently working on her California project she looks toward the potential of expanding projects with other companies throughout the US. Sustainability and energy reduction is the focus of the future, and Woodley plans to be ready when the industry needs her.

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Written by: Greg LeMieux