What We Can and Can’t Finance

What We Can and Can’t Finance 2017-12-19T16:23:18+00:00

What We Fund and Don’t Fund

Challenging loans are our specialty. While we can’t finance every business loan that comes through our door, we can fund loans with the following credit challenges:

  • Too Young of a Business – we can finance businesses as young as 1 year old, whereas most bank require 2, preferrably 3 years of operating revenue.
  • Low Credit Scores / Bankruptcy – While we look at credit history, we don’t base our decision solely on one’s credit score.
  • Insufficient Collateral – We can make loans if there is not sufficient or less than ideal collateral
  • Tax Liens
  • High Leveraged – Depending on how much debt there is, we may be able to provide financing if a business or it’s owner is considered highly leveraged.
  • Marginal Financials
  • Criminal Record

There are also some loans that we can’t do:

  • Real Estate & Construction Loans
  • Start-up Businesses – We require at least 1 year of operating history.
  • Pure Debt Refinancing – While we may refinance some debt as part of a bigger project, we tend not to finance loans where the primary purpose is to completely refinance other debt.
  • Loans outside of of our Target Communities

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact our Loan Officer.