Application Process

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1. Initial Inquiry

Typical Timeframe:
A couple days

We will have a quick chat, over the phone or in person, to get acquainted and see if we’re a good fit for working together. It would be helpful to complete our Initial Inquiry form prior to our call.

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2. Application

Step 1: Background Info & Application Fee

Typical Timeframe:
Depends on you + ~2 days to review

We’ll start by gathering some basic information about your business and personal finances. Chances are, if you have applied for a loan elsewhere, you already have this info. We’ll also need to a $100 refundable application fee to begin.

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Step 2: Submit Financials

Typical Timeframe:
Depends on you + ~2 days

Yes, the numbers… We will need your financial details. But don’t worry, if you need some assistance, we can help!

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What if we’re not a right fit?

3. Underwriting & Committee Review

Typical Timeframe:
1 to 2 weeks

We’ll analyze the numbers and likely ask a few follow up questions. Sometimes this is quick and easy, sometimes less so – it depends on your individual situation. Once we have completed our analysis, we’ll send it to our loan committee for review. If your loan is not approved, we’ll give you their feedback and discuss your options and next steps.

4. Closing & Disbursement

Typical Timeframe:
As early as 2 after approval

Hooray, you’ve been approved! We’ll review the conditions, sign the papers, and disburse the funds.  Note: Occasionally, there are a few conditions and a little extra paperwork involved which can delay the closing.