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Community Organizations Welcome

The Power of Partnership

No organization can provide every resource to every business owner. We want to give business owners what they need to succeed but we know we can’t do it all. To provide clients with resources beyond our own, we refer them to others. Together, we can provide the comprehensive set of resources every business owner needs.

If your organization offers programs and services you think might benefit our clients, please contact our Business Advisory Coordinator.

How We Can Help

If your organization provides support to business owners, consider supplementing your services with our Get Loan Ready program. In this program, your clients can plan for and secure the capital that they may need to grow and thrive. We’ve worked with many organizations including:

  • City and County Economic Development Agencies
  • Neighborhood Business Associations
  • Regional and Cultural Chambers of Commerce
  • Industry Associations
  • Business Incubators and Co-Working Organizations
  • Non-Profit Business Development Organizations
  • Educational Institutions

If you are interested in exploring how our programs can benefit your constituents, please contact our Partnership Coordinator.

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