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Are You Ready for a Loan?

There is a lot more to getting a loan than just applying.  In many cases, getting ready for a loan can be just as important as getting the funds. We know the preparation process can be long, and possibly filled with apprehension, confusion, rejection and fear:

  • What documents will I need?

  • Is it ok that I’m not comfortable about being judged?

  • Why are they asking all those personal and confidential financial questions?

  • What if my credit score isn’t high enough?

  • How much money do I need?

  • How do I pay it back? What if I run into problems?

These types of questions keep many business owners from applying for loans altogether.

We are here to help. Our “Get Loan Ready” program consists of free workshops and one-on-one advising designed to help you plan and prepare for getting a business loan, whether from us or another lender. The program is designed to help increase your odds in getting approved, and make you more comfortable with the entire process from application to closing to repayment.

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