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Are You Ready for a Loan?

There is a lot more to getting a loan than just filling out a form and submitting some financials.  In many cases, getting ready for a loan can be just as important as getting the funds. Yet, we know the preparation process can be long, and possibly filled with apprehension, uncertainty, rejection and fear. To improve the odds of our clients securing capital, we offer a variety of loan preparedness programs under our “Get Loan Ready” moniker:

  • Discussion Groups & Seminars: In small to mid-sized group discussions, we lay the groundwork for business owners who are contemplating a loan by explaining the loan application process, identifying the prerequisites for applying, and addressing the fears and mysteries surrounding loans.
  • “So You Think You Can Get a Loan” Workshops: First time loan applicants are often unsure whether they even have a shot at getting a business loan. In these fun, informative and interactive discussions, we walk participants through an actual loan application (redacted and anonymized for privacy) from the eye of a banker (lender) and share with audience the strengths and challenges of the application as well as suggestions on how to improve one’s odds for securing that capital. Attendees will leave with a much clearer idea of their own ability to secure financing, and learn what steps they may need to take in the near future.
  • 1:1 Advisory Sessions / Office Hours: Working in conjunction with our community partners, we periodically host one-on-one advisory sessions whereby business owners will receive personalized advice and information regarding their capital needs. Whether they need key questions answered, important challenges addressed, a capital assessment or a road map to put them on a path to success, this private advising session will benefit any stage or size of business.

Depending on the needs of the audience, a variety of options and formats are available for each of the above programs.

If you are a Business Owner seeking to Get Loan Ready, visit our event listings to see if there is an upcoming event. Alternatively, please join our mailing list (to the right) or follow us on social media (bottom of page) to stay apprised of the latest events.

Interested in Hosting a Get Loan Ready event for your organization?

If you wish to offer any combination of our Get Loan Ready programs to your constituents, please contact Marcy Newton to learn more and discuss how they can be tailored to meet the needs of your community. When grant funding is available, we may be able to offer these programs at no charge.

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